Summer of 1995

With Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service in 1995.

This is another photograph taken by the photographer from the local newspaper. Obviously, it was taken in the cab of the fire engine and she tagged along with us as we drove off-road to deal with another seat of fire within the larger area that was burning.

It was in during this period that I began to appreciate just what the forest firefighters in the US and Australia (for example) face. I recall one particular fire in Sherwood Forest; I witnessed the speed of fire travel – both overground and underground (particularly in an evergreen forest where the ground cover is made up of pine needles) – I even experienced exploding trees. The heat build-up would be tremendous and then all of a sudden the tree trunks would explode with an almighty bang. It was not a pleasant experience, particularly when you realised that the 1800 litres of water carried on the fire engine had been exhausted and you were 100 metres or more into the forest and the fire was not abating!