John Hardcastle

Former firefighter with 16 years operational service before resigning to complete a law degree and make an attempt to embark upon a career in law. Graduated with a first class degree in law, obtained a grade of 'Very Competent' on the Bar Professional Training Course. Taught law at undergraduate and postgraduate level before taking a 6-month position at the Court of Appeal as a judicial assistant to the Master of the Rolls. Seeming unable, however, to secure pupillage and the career in law has not been achieved.

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Domestic CCTV and the Data Protection Act 1998

A recent ‘advert’ by a CCTV company on social media has prompted and inspired this blog post. The ‘offending’ advert boasted about a domestic CCTV set-up that the business had installed. The photographs accompanying the advert illustrated the view from a wide angle, high definition camera that pointed well beyond the property’s perimeter; it captured the road in front of the property and included properties across the road. Somebody responding… Read More »

2017 – Events – Confirmed Entries

14th May 2017 – Maltby Triathlon (sprint, pool) 4th June 2017 – Deva Triathlon (standard/olympic) – GB AG Qualifier (2017 World Championships) 11th June 2017 – Leeds ITU/WTS Triathlon (standard/olympic) – 2017 British Championships 1st July 2017 – Ripon Triathlon (standard/olympic) – 2017 English Championships; GB AG Qualifier (2017 World Championships) 23rd July 2017 – Castle Howard Triathlon (standard/olympic) – GB AG Qualifier (2018 European Championships)   Tweet

Anti-Doping and Amateur Sport

UKAD have recently published details of two decisions and sanctions awarded for doping violations against two amateur (non-elite, non-professional) cyclists (see: ROBIN TOWNSEND and IAN EDMONDS). In summary: TOWNSEND Townsend’s case is less than straightforward and, aside from the fact that the use of performance enhancing drugs is disturbing and concerning of itself, several aspects surrounding the progression of the case are concerning and complicated. It was in December 2015 when,… Read More »

Edwards v Sutton LBC [2016] EWCA Civ 1005 – Occupier’s Liability.

Edwards v Sutton LBC [2016] EWCA Civ 1005 ( see: – a case concerning occupier’s liability – was handed down by the Court of Appeal (CA) on 12th October 2016; a judgment that had been eagerly anticipated by many and a judgment that arguably strikes a significant blow in favour of common sense and against the ‘nanny state’ mentality. It is submitted that, at first instance ([2014] EWHC 4378… Read More »

Goal setting for 2017?

As the 2016 season unfolded, and then right up until the disappointing end to 2016, I had in mind that the primary goal for 2017 would be achieving AG qualification. Following the disappointing performance in my final event of the year, and perhaps more pertinently, the way I’d fallen apart in the run at both Chantilly and then the injury-hit performance at Hever – I began to see the 2016… Read More »

The 2016 Season in Summary.

I did my first triathlon in September 2006 (a pool-based sprint) just a few weeks after a knee operation for a knee condition/injury that had the medical profession telling me that I should never run again. I think the triathlon was my way of proving that I *could* still run, whilst at the same time shifting some of the emphasis onto other sports. Considering the state of my health and… Read More »

WTS Grand Final: the Brownlee show.

[DOWNLOAD AS .PDF] Former Word Champion triathlete and BBC Sports commentator Annie Emmerson announced on Twitter that the Spanish Federation have lodged an appeal seeking the disqualification of both Alistair and Jonny Brownlee.   Annie linked the article – written in Spanish – that was published on Tuesday 20th September; after the race that took place on Sunday, immediately following which, a Spanish protest to the Brownlee intervention was rejected.… Read More »

It’s been a while…

Standard (Olympic) Distance (London 2014): 2 hr 20 min 57s Sprint Distance (pool swim) (Bassetlaw 2015): 1 hr 06 min 52s (16th/220) Parkrun 5K (Clumber Park) 2015: 18 min 54s Half Marathon (Retford 2016): 1 hr 26 min 22s (40th/674) — I returned to study as a mature student in 2006, and in the period between then and up to 2013, there is no doubt that keeping myself fit was… Read More »

The Supreme Court on the Disclosure of Criminal Records: R (oao T) v SoSHD [2014] UKSC 35

R (on the application of T and Another) v Secretary of State for the Home Department and Another [2014] UKSC 35. (On appeal from the Court of Appeal – that judgment HERE) This case concerned the disclosure of criminal records and whether disclosure infringed the right to a private life as secured by Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights by virtue of the Human Rights Act 1998. In… Read More »

The Man with the Anti-Midas Touch.

In Greek mythology, King Midas is supposed to have possessed the ability to turn anything he touched to gold. A contemporary alternative can be seen with the man in the Skittles advert who, unsurprisingly, turns everything he touches into Skittles (see YouTube Video BY CLICKING HERE). I can’t help but feel that I also have a variant of the ‘Midas Touch’… the difference is, everything I touch seems to turn to… Read More »