Goal setting for 2017?

By | September 28, 2016

As the 2016 season unfolded, and then right up until the disappointing end to 2016, I had in mind that the primary goal for 2017 would be achieving AG qualification.

Following the disappointing performance in my final event of the year, and perhaps more pertinently, the way I’d fallen apart in the run at both Chantilly and then the injury-hit performance at Hever – I began to see the 2016 season for all of its negatives: the poor run form in particular, that and concern about my apparent inability to settle into my swim in a rough group.

Now having had the injury diagnosed and seemingly resolved, I’m back to reflecting on 2016 in a more positive light and seeing it in terms of having laid some solid foundations.

I managed to achieve an age group win and an age group 3rd place; my performance in London – in such a huge field – was pretty good: 5th in age group and well inside the top 50 in a race of over 3,000 competitors. There is every reason to believe that I can achieve age group qualification.

My 2016 performance  was on the back of a season largely without any goals, direction or structured training. Don’t get me wrong – there was a LOT of training – a lot of very hard training; high intensity and very high volume. But there wasn’t any real structure – it has been all about volume and intensity.

I haven’t really approached my training with an eye on any metrics. I don’t (currently) train with power: I’ve no idea what my FTP is, no idea what my maximum HR is for the bike or what my bike LTHR is. I haven’t any idea what my swim CSS is and whilst I do know my LTHR and LT pace for running, that is based on what flashes up on my Fenix3 from time to time: I don’t really take any real notice of it and I don’t place it front and centre (or anywhere) within my training.

I largely just go out and work hard!

So I think I can make some improvements by adopting a more structured approach to my training based around some of the accepted science and with an eye on the metrics.

I’m allowing myself a little time for my recent injury to settle down – a couple of weeks with an eye on getting back into some hard(er) training towards the middle of October and with the aim of putting a structured plan in place to start on 31.10.16. That will probably start with identifying the core metrics – max HRs and LTHRs – and who knows – maybe adopting power as a metric for the bike as well!